Initiative OneMelodie

From August 2017 Foundation OneMelodie is changed in Initiative OneMelodie for practical reasons. Our values, vision, mission and goal and services are the same.

About us 

Foundation OneMelodie is a non-profit organisation that dedicates itself to social education for both young and old, and for people of all cultures.

Many people from other cultures, who have come to Holland for whatever reason, try very hard to build up a good and meaningful life in Holland. Among other things, they learn the language and follow integration programmes.

OneMelodie started in 2012 from the idea that these people can be helped with social interactive education. This education nourishes the mind, the heart, the inner self.

You will recognize your good qualities and understand what a positive and active thinking- and lifestyle is and how you can use it in your daily life. So that you can increase your chances on the basis of your own positive strength and you can faster and better find your place in Dutch society.

The name OneMelodie represents the one sound of people who want to live consciously in a positive way and in harmony with each other.

Our activities are not religious or political by nature. But we think that the following values are extra important: Respect, Courage, Responsibility, Flexibility and Integrity.

You can find more about these values at: Values, vision, mission and goal.

We don’t make profit with our activities. All revenues en donations are exclusively spend on at services mentioned activities of OneMelodie.

All co-workers work voluntarily at OneMelodie. The founders are coming from different countries (India, Somalia, Sudan and Holland). They believe that everyone, independent of background or culture, is good in something and can contribute something beautiful in life.

Social education is about getting to know your own inner worth and to learn positive thinking and doing. So with your courage and enthousiasm, from your own strength, you start to face and handle things in life.

You become able to think and behave positively and you can improve your position in life. In this way, you strengthen your personal welfare and your social welfare. This is the mission of OneMelodie. Why do we give much attention to learn positive thinking?

Because ‘everything starts with a thought. A thought becomes a feeling. This finds expression in your words, your behaviour and your life. A positive attitude towards life has a positive impact on your own health, on the people around you and has also a positive effect on the situation in which you find yourself.

The social education of OneMelodie is meant for children (from 6 to 11 years) and women and men from all ages of all possible cultures. As we all form part of the family of mankind.

Up to now people from almost all continents have taken part in activities of OneMelodie.

Values, vision, mission and goal

  1. The values of OneMelodie
  • OneMelodie is an independent organisation that represents the values of respect, courage, responsibility, flexibility and integrity.
  • OneMelodie starts with the value of RESPECT. Every human being is unique and special and has at least one good quality. OneMelodie sees humanity as one big family.
  • OneMelodie has COURAGE. She is tireless in waking up the original goodness of every human being. In this time it cherishes a new sound, against what is common.
  • OneMelodie cherishes positive thinking and doing in a broad sense. Thus, she takes her RESPONSIBILITY by offering social education for children and adults.
  • OneMelodie strives for FLEXIBILITY. She can adjust to new circumstances, but her eye and willpower is focussed on her goal.
  • OneMelodie sees her own INTEGRITY as the basis for progress and renewal.  OneMelodie can only from self respect and in cooperation with others/ other organisations contribute to a world-wide harmony of people of all cultures.
  1. The Vision of OneMelodie

The vision or the dream of OneMelodie is that people are happy and carefree in mind and heart in all circumstances and relate to each other in a tolerant way.

  1. The Mission ofOneMelodie

The mission is to offer people of all cultures forms of simple social education with which they can improve their personal and social welfare.

With personal welfare we mean:
You are conscious of your original basis of your goodness. You know your own value and qualities and can use these with pleasure and success in your daily life.

With social welfare we mean:
From a personal well-being and from self reflection you contribute positively to your environment and to the well-being of the people around you.

  1. The Goal of OneMelodie
  • The OneMelodie education is about finding and using your self-esteem or inner strength by means of a positive and realistic style of thinking and living.
  • OneMelodie shares social educational knowledge to people of various cultures so that they can use it to strengthen their personal welfare themselves.
  • At the children’s activities we use, among other things the international well-known ‘Living Values Education’ program.  This is an educational program based on the 12 values.

 Summarized the specialities of  OneMelodie are:

  • Openness and cultural diversity.
  • Strengthening personal and social welfare.
  • Simple social education for young and old.
  • An organisation with only volunteers.
  • Politically and religiously independent.


OneMelodie organises activities for young and old.

The 5 STARTINGPOINTS of all education of Initiative OneMelodie are:

  1. Every human being is unique, for there is only one like you in the world.
  2. Every human being has value and has the speciality of one or more qualities. This speciality increases in strength if you use it to help others.
  3. No human being is worth more or less than an other human being. We only play different parts in life and are all necessary in our own way.
  4.  Every human being is welcome regardless of his background or education. It is an advantage if you can speak and understand a little Dutch. At the request of people, workshops can be held in English and if possible in another language.
  5. Every participant aims for a respectful and peaceful contribution.

General information THEME WORKSHOPS

Would you like to join a workshop of OneMelodie and would you first like to know what it is all about? These are meetings of 2 hours with a break in the middle.

All workshops stimulate self development and helping each other and there is relaxation time. Sometimes also practical expression like drawing or painting is used.

After the introduction of the theme you talk to somebody you don’t know or to somebody of a different culture, so that you can also experience or learn something from each other. Basically, you come for yourself, but meeting people of a different background and culture is also very valuable. In general everyone appreciates this very much.

This is alternated with simple relaxation exercises for body and mind, with low instrumental music in the background. Simple positively spoken words bring you rest and relaxation, so that you can forget the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Every workshop is special, because a unique combination of people is present. The methods used are regularly renewed. Sometimes there is a quiz for the participants, a guest is interviewed or there is a panel of hands-on experts.

The minimum number of participants for a workshop is six.
If a workshop room has to be rented the costs are €4,- per participant per workshop.

General information COURSES

These are 3 meetings of 2½ hours about the same theme.

There is a clear structure in the lesson. You get a chance to understand positive thinking and doing more deeply and to experience the subject.

After every meeting you receive an assignment so that you can practise until the next meeting. Simple relaxation exercises for body and soul are also part of a course.

During the courses there is much attention for your questions and situation. The most important goal of the course is that you, yourself can apply in daily life what you have learnt in the course.

A course starts when there are 8 participants.

Costs are €12,- for 3 meetings.

During school holidays or public holidays there are no workshops or courses.

Enter your name via the contactform, for only a limited number of places are available for each workshop/ course. You receive a confirmation from us.

Up to now participants from Holland and other countries are present at each workshop/ course. Everybody experiences this as pleasant and as an enrichment.

OneMelodie emphasizes that ‘Dutch’ people are also very welcome

General information CHILDREN ACTIVITIES

Children of 6 to 11 years old can partake in the OneMelodie playing and creative activities around universal themes such as respect, peace, happiness and honesty. This strengthens the self-respect of the children enormously.

With a lot of self esteem you have more social awareness and it brings happiness. You can understand each other better, play together with more pleasure and cooperate better.

For this purpose, OneMelodie uses the international educational program around 12 values of Living Values Education; http://www.livingvalueseducation.nl/

The 12 values of this program are: Peace, Respect, Love, Tolerance, Happiness, Responsibility, Cooperation, Humility, Honesty, Simplicity, Freedom and Unity.

The children’s activities are led by volunteers (experienced teachers and/ or hands-on experts)

with different cultural backgrounds. There is also a good cooperation and regular contact with the coordinator of ‘Living Values Education Netherlands’.

Parents pay a small contribution per child for the costs of the materials and the rent of the room. During the school holidays or feast-days there are no children’s activities.

Children activity

In autumn 2012 OneMelodie has started weekly playing and creative activities around the value of Respect (of the Living Values program) for children from 6 to 12 years old.

They learn about self respect and how you can get along in a respectful way with other children and adults. This empowers the children and brings happiness.

A few respect reflection points that are used during the activities are:

  • Respect is knowing I am lovable and capable.
  • Respect is treating others nicely.
  • Respect is listening to others.

Since March 2013 children activities have begun around the value of Peace (of the Living Values program). The aim is to increase the knowledge and experience of peace and to build conflict resolution skills.

A few peace reflection points that are used during the activities are:

  • Peace is being quiet inside.
  • Peace begins within each one of us.
  • Peace is when people can get along and don’t argue or hurt each other.

On the children activity OneMelodie takes care for a safe environment where every child can be itself, can express itself and can learn what it needs to grow up. There is also a lot of attention for positive affirmation and faith in the ability of each child to do well.

In 2014 a children project for 20 children whose parents come originally from various cultures (Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Sudan and the Netherlands) was set up and performed in 2015. One of the beautiful end results is a CD with new Dutch songs about values sung by the children themselves. This children integration project is called ‘ToGether’ and extra attention was given to the values of Cooperation and Happiness.

To hear a few songs and see photo’s of this project: http://www.facebook.com/OneMelodie

You can buy the ‘ToGether’ CD for 7,50 euro via http://www.livingvalueseducation.nl/contact/.

General experiences

OneMelodie gets many positive reactions of people who participate in our activities. We like to share some reactions and experiences with you. It might inspire you to join one of our workshops or activities yourself.

‘The workshops that I have been allowed to attend are very instructive and satisfactory and also give a content feeling’.

‘My experience with OneMelodie: connecting, energy, social, loving, inspiring’.

‘I think that OneMelodie is a creative foundation with as its goal to help as many people as possible with their daily busy life and to keep their mind and body strong and free from stress. OneMelodie has professional, multicultural and very loving co-workers . After a workshop the visitors always go home with a good feeling.’

‘An excellent workshop to get to know more about your inner self’

Talin after the workshop ‘Introduction Positive thinking and doing’.

 ‘You can’t change people. You can only get to know them better. I am now more aware of this through this workshop’.

Raha after de workshop ‘ Integrity and inner tranquility’.

‘By doing the exercises you learn about your own values. Very interesting!’

Bas after the workshop ’Introduction Living Values Education’.


We think that it is important to work together with other persons or organisations.

Read more at our website (Help mee!) about possible forms of cooperation.

Would you like to have more information about OneMelodie? Fill in the contactform  and we will contact you.

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When you use the contact form to apply for an activity, OneMelodie assumes that you have read the general information at the bottom of this page.

General information about OneMelodie activities

Participating in a workshop or course is free.

The contribution that you pay for a workshop, course or activity is for renting a room.

OneMelodie reserves a room, if there are 6 applications for a workshop and 8 applications for a course.

If you apply, we take the view that you really attend.  If you don’t come, you will still have to pay the contribution for the reserved room.

Contact OneMelodie via the telephone number 06 -19 18 53 84 in special circumstances.

When a workshop or course is cancelled, you will receive a message or telephone call from OneMelodie in advance.

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