Special vibration of together/ samenwerken met elkaar

Samen werken

‘Together’/ SAMEN zijn en werken met elkaar

is een waarde die de kinderen hebben geoefend bij het kinderproject ‘ToGether’. Dit project vol ontmoetingen, muziek en creativiteit vond in Den Haag en Utrecht plaats om kinderen van alle culturen te ondersteunen in hun ontwikkeling tot positief ingestelde mensen die zich bewust zijn van hun eigenwaarde.

Abdel, medewerker van OneMelodie deed een onderzoek en beschrijft zijn gedachten over ‘together’:

Together, a word that has a special vibration that you can feel when you pronounce it. The eight letters stand next to each other to draw deep and broad meanings. For instance in Merriam Webster, Together means: in/into one place, collection, in/into contact, association, relationship, connection, collision, union ..etc. You can notice, (connection) is a key among all these meanings. Moreover, if you maintain a positive view to the word together you can glimpse that, ‘Together’ has an implicit attendance and strong connection with many of the values of Living Values.

For example, Cooperation means working together, Tolerance takes place when you have the power of acceptance, accomodation and contentment which enables you to suit and deal with different situations. Responsibility and Respect are quite essential to keep the relation with the other in order to realize (Together) the Unity which is the state of being together with others, to form, to complete to harmonize. And this brings about Peace. Together expresses itself in Love, Humility and Simplicity when the person is connected to the other person or even a thing. We can also notice a strong relationship between ToGether and Happiness as the ultimate goal that each person makes is to reach all the possibilities.




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